Rural Living in the Heart of the Yakima Valley

Business Plan / Results

Vision: Mabton Will Become The Hispanic and Latino Heritage & Cultural Tourist Destination of  Washington State

Mission: The City of Mabton will implement The Mabton Business Plan by providing services that:

  • Promote civic engagement that fosters a vibrant family oriented community
  • Attract business and people to Mabton by supporting economic development
  • Create safe and healthy neighborhoods and public spaces
  • Operate, maintain and upgrade utility facilities and infrastructure
  • Provide a sustainable, transparent and accountable government
  • Meet service demands through a commitment to high quality work with measurable results

Values that guide daily operations

Professional, Friendly, Respectful, Honest, Trustworthy, Team Oriented and Safe


2014 – 2018 Priority & Goals

Community Park Build Old Mabton High School Building City of Mabton Street Scene Treatment Plant City Hall in Mabton

Promote Civic Engagement

  • Partner with community organizations to provide civic opportunities
  • Develop community center master facility plan
  • Develop park master facility plan
  • Develop cemetery master facility plan
  • Develop library master facility plan
  • Establish monthly community events for all ages
  • Open farmers market
  • Open a senior center
  • Develop a community outreach and communication program

Support Economic Development

  • Develop historic preservation plan
  • Work with economic development groups to attract new businesses
  • Promote growth through innovative community planning
  • Develop design standards for future development
  • Participate in Tribal, County, Regional, State and Federal forums
  • Work with Mabton Historic LLC to renovate Historic Mabton HS for a new use
  • Support Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan (YBIP)
  • Invest in City utility infrastructure
  • Provide development and data documents on
  • Work with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway to redevelop rail corridor within City limits
  • Work with existing business to help them grow

Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

  • Provide 24hr/365 day emergency services
  • Maintain public signage & clear right-of-ways for emergency services
  • Review municipal code and update
  • Free community dump day
  • Provide dust abatement for unpaved roads
  • Acquire City wide video security asset protection system
  • Upgrade parks with picnic & playground equipment, trees, lighting, bathrooms and summer water feature
  • Apply for Safe Routes to School Grant for intersection improvements at State Route 22 and Main St.
  • Review residential speed limits and street signage for improvement
  • Develop sidewalk master plan
  • Add 100 street lights

City Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Deliver municipal services that are efficient, sustainable and clearly communicated
  • Develop a master street plan for Transportation Benefit District
  • Develop a water conservation program
  • Acquire additional water rights
  • Refurbish small water tower
  • Add Mabton logos to both water towers
  • Create a Capital Budget
  • Secure TIB match funding for STP Main St. project
  • Complete WWTF upgrades on time and within budget
  • Secure funding package for water system improvements
  • Complete water system upgrades on time and within budget
  • Install automated sprinkler system in all parks to conserve water and increase Public Works efficiency

City Government

  • Adopt policies that create institutional frameworks and benchmarks that guide daily operations
  • Provide staff training necessary to operate efficiently and meet regulator standards
  • Budget for measurable outcomes through priorities
  • Provide responsible stewardship of natural and capital resources
  • Purchase a reader board
  • City employees will perform their daily operations with Mabton’s Vision, Mission and Values as guiding principals
  • Create a student representative position from Mabton HS to participate at City Council meetings
  • Complete accounting and utility software conversion

Download the City of Mabton Business Plan - 2014 Update


Business Plan Results - 2010-2013

Promote Civic Engagement Leading to a Vibrant Family Oriented Community

  • In partnership with Catholic Charities Housing Services the community completed a design for new park facilitated by Pomegranate Center & received $45,000 in donations (2011)
  • In partnership with CCHS and many other agencies the Mabton Community Park now has a playfield, picnic pads, tetherball and a volleyball court (2012) Concrete slab for future skate park (2013)
  • Begun renovation of Civic Center (2011) Upgraded bathrooms & kitchen (2012) New floors (2013)
  • Established food bank at Civic Center (2010)
  • 182 people attended Annual Fireman’s Breakfast (2013)
  • City launched website (2013)

Promote Growth by Supporting Economic Development

  • Held town hall meeting to communicate reasons for $3 semi-annual rate increase to sewer rates (2010)
  • Received $600,000 Grant from Washington State Legislation for upgrades to waste water treatment plant (2011)
  • Partnered with Mabton Historic LLC to start renovation of Historic High School for new use. Received $800,000 from Washington State Heritage Capital Project Grant (2013)
  • Planning Commission completed update of City Comprehensive Plan (2010)
  • City Council adopted recommendations of Planning Commission for future land use and rezoned sections of City to attract new business & housing development (2010)
  • City received $735,000 grant from Washington State Transportation Improvement Board to reconstruct 7th Avenue (completed in 2012)
  • City completed asphalt overlays of 3rd, 4th & 5th Avenues (2010)
  • City formed a Transportation Benefit District and authorized a $20 fee on vehicle tabs for road improvements (2011) Collected $12,000 in 2012
  • City entered into a Interlocal Agreement with Grandview, Sunnyside & Prosser to provide more efficient City services (2011)
  • Qualified for $2.3 million in STP funding for reconstruction of Main St. and started design (2013)

Create Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods and Public Spaces

  • City adopted a 2012 budget that will provide near 24 hour, 365 day emergency services (2012-13)
  • Police Department increased full-time staff to 3 officers (2013)
  • Police department purchased used squad cars to supplement aging fleet (2013)
  • City received a Department of Commerce Grant $68,229 to upgrade street lighting with LED technology  $10,000 City match (2013)
  • Broadband fiber optics extended to Mabton through NoaNet and American Recovery Reinvestment Act (2013)
  • Police department removed 149 abandoned vehicles from City right-of-ways (2010-12)
  • Public Works department implemented a graffiti abatement program to paint over graffiti within 24 hours (2010)
  • Fire department purchased a fire truck with safety features that current fleet did not have (2011)
  • Police department purchased a new patrol car (2011)
  • Police department has increased staffing levels through the Reserve Program to 5 Reserve Officers (2013)
  • PW department continues to maintain & replace street signage to improve public safety (2012-13)
  • City continues to provide a free dump day. 37 tons in 2012, 21 tons in 2011 and 36 tons in 2010
  • Old Methodist Church and land at Feezell Park donated to City (2013)

Operate, Maintain and Upgrade Utility Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Construction of $6.4 million in upgrades to waste water facility began with U.V. system (2012) Purchased 3 acres for expansion (2013)
  • Public Works employees professional growth plan implemented in cooperation with the City of Grandview (2011)
  • Grey & Osborne selected as engineering consultants (2010/2013)
  • Upgrades to the City Hall roof, windows and HVAC system have been made to protect building integrity (2012)
  • Applying to USDA Rural Development, Department of Health and CDBG for Water System improvements, $4.8 million (2013)
  • Public Works Department added 1 maintenance employee and 1 WWTF operator to improve operations (2013)
  • City Hall offices and Council Chambers refurbished and technology upgrades made (2013)
  • WWTF plan completed (2011) Water System Plan completed (2013)
  • Received $30,000 grant from D.O.H for well#3 repair investigation and hydrological study for well #6 (2013)
  • Purchased new mower for cemetery and parks (2013)

Provide a Sustainable, Transparent and Accountable City Government

  • City adopted budgeting for outcomes through priorities methodology (2011)
  • City increased office staffing to 3 FTE’s to ensure requirements of all regulators are met (2012)
  • New Policies and Procedures and institutional practices have been adopted to increase accountability (2011-13)
  • City Newsletter is distributed to all residents to communicate information about City operations and management decisions (2010-13)
  • City Hall offices hours expanded, M-F 9:00am to 5:00pm (2013)
  • Created a new Budget Document that clearly communicates the City’s financial condition, operations and maintenance program and capital projects (2013)
  • City received a clean Accountability Audit from the Washington State Auditors Office (2013)

Download the Business Plan Results - 2010-2013City of Mabton - Business Plan Results - 2010-2012