Rural Living in the Heart of the Yakima Valley

City Services and Departments

City Administration

The City Administrator reports directly to the Mayor and manages city operations and administration. The City Administrator is responsible for daily operations, oversight and management of the city including finance, budget, administration of city municipal code, and city policy.

  • Larry Briones, City Clerk/Treasurer
  • Yuli Morales, Deputy City Clerk
  • Marlen Sanchez, Customer Service Clerk
  • Grace Galaviz, Customer Service Clerk

For Municipal Code and City Forms, please see the Public Documents page

For additional information, please contact City Hall at (509) 894-4096.

Police Cars

Mabton Police Department

The Mabton Police Department will strive to serve the community; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the constitutional rights of all to liberty, equality, and justice.

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City of Mabton Fire Department

Mabton Fire Department

The City of Mabton and Yakima County Fire District 5 operate a fire station staffed by volunteers and led by Mabton Fire Chief Luke Cussins.

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Mabton Public Works Department

Public Works Department: is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of the water and sewer systems, streets, cemetery, and parks in the City of Mabton. Garbage service is contracted to Yakima Waste Systems Incorporated. The Department includes Waste Water Treatment Facility operators and maintenance employees.

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Mabton City Planning Commission

Ordinance 889 established a Planning Commission under Chapter 2.50 of the Municipal Code. The five members are appointed by the Mayor and subject to the confirmation of the City Council. Three of members shall reside within city limits and two may reside within the city’s Urban Growth Area. Members serve six year terms. Current members are:

  • Jim Adams
  • Sandra Davis
  • Greg Hurn, Chair
  • Steve Smith
  • Jason Morrow

The duties of volunteers serving on the Planning Commission include:  to make and study the physical developments and requirements of the city, to make plans and recommendations for such development and requirements looking toward the orderly growth and convenient use and enjoyment of property in the city and to recommend to the city council, from time to time, the passage of legislation to carry into effect such plans as may be developed by the planning commission and it shall be particularly the duty of the commission to study and plan for a comprehensive and satisfactory zoning of the city. In addition to its other duties, it shall be the duty of the planning commission to review the city’s comprehensive plan and to recommend any necessary changes to such plan.

Planning Commission Meeting Agendas


Employment at the City of Mabton - Washington State

Employment at the City of Mabton

The City of Mabton, Washington is a small rural community (population of 2,500) that is a great place to live, work and recreate.  Mabton is a growing agricultural community that is investing in its infrastructure to attract economic development to increase revenues and provide better services to our residents.  Mabton is rich in history and has a strong sense of community and family.

There are no openings at this time.


Application Documents:

Employment Application
Release of Liability and Waiver form
Personal History Statement (for police positions)