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Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of the water and sewer systems, streets, cemetery and parks. Garbage service is contracted to Yakima Waste Systems Incorporated.

The Department has a total of 3 full time employees:

  • Joe Sanchez, Public Works Lead
  • Jesus De LA Cruz
  • Tony Gonzalez

And 2 seasonal employees:

  • Jose Alvarez
  • Alexis Alvarado

For information about Public Works services, Water and Wastewater services, the Cemetery or Parks please call staff at (509) 894-4096.


Water TowerWater System

The City of Mabton owns and operates a domestic water system that serves approximately 632 active metered connections. Ground water is pumped from two wells, delivered to 800,000-gallon reservoir, treated by chlorination for disinfection and distributed to customers. Meters are read on a monthly basis and customers are billed according to the rate schedule set by Ordinance.  The City is constructing a new well, 1.0 million gallon reservoir and 11,000 feet of water main replacement in 2016.  The total cost of these projects is $7,310,000 of which 60% is grant funding.

2019 Consumer Confidence Report - Water Quality

Sewer System

The City of Mabton owns and operates a Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) that is discharged into the Yakima River. The City recently completed a $6.4 improvement project to upgrade and expand the WWTF to meet new discharge permit requirements set by the Department of Ecology while increasing treatment capacity and reliability. The WWTF improvements consisted of the construction of new headworks, aeration basin, secondary clarifier, effluent aeration manhole, electrical building, plant drain lift stations, non potable water system and sludge drying beds. Improvements also included modifications to existing operations building, oxidation ditch, sludge drying beds, secondary clarifier, effluent lift station and aerobic digester.  The City is currently seeking a planning only grant to video tape the entire sewer system and start replacement of sewer mains.

Snow and Ice Removal

The City of Mabton is devoted to keeping our streets as safe as possible, within a constrained budget. Prior to a major snow or freezing rain event, the City will attempt to spread sand and salt, as well as deicing material on all major arterial streets. Other priority location include streets near our public safety facilities, schools, hospitals and hills.

Read the full safety plan ... download the complete snow and ice removal plan for the City of Mabton.



The City of Mabton contracts garbage services with Yakima Waste Systems Incorporated (Ordinance 937). Automated wheeled cart collection is every Friday and Totes must be placed at designated location by 7am. Holiday collection is on Saturday. Each year the City provides the residents of Mabton a free dump day operated by the Public Works Department.



The City of Mabton Created a Transportation Benefit District (City Limits) in 2011 to raise revenue specifically for road improvements. The city charges a $20 car tab fee on vehicles licensed within City limits. The approximately $10,000 in revenue per year will be used as matching funds for federal and state grant programs for road improvements identified in the City’s Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan.


Public Cemetery in the City of Mabton


The City of Mabton owns and operates 10-acre public cemetery.

Pricing for burial services:

Grave plot, care and maintenance $1,000
Plot open/close $800
Grave liner $650

Child/infant grave plot, care and /maintenance $430
Child/infant open/close $710
Child/Infant Grave liner  $275

Other charges/fees:

Internment of Ashes $450
Temporary Marker  $50

Headstone Setting:
Single   $300
Double   $400
Triple $350

Disinternment $850
Saturday Funeral $500

Transfer of Ownership $25
Reissuing of Deed $25
Grave Location Change $35

The maximum size for the base of a headstone is 20' X 36'.

Ordinance 2018-1124 - Cemetery Rates


Governor's ParkParks and Recreation

The City of Mabton has four parks totaling 10 acres. Feezell Park is located in the center of town at Washington & Main Street and is the site of Mabton Community Days held annually in June.

Governors Park runs parallel to SR-22 (on the south side of the highway).  Mabton’s first park (City Park) is located across the street from the Civic Center on South Main Street.  City Park has a playground, full court basketball court, a sand volleyball court, and portable restrooms.  Community Park is located just south of Artz-Fox Elementary School and it has a small recreational youth soccer area, tetherball poles/courts and concrete pads placed for picnics and social gathering.

The Mabton Food Bank is operated out of the Civic Center and is open every Tuesday from11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Park Use Rental Application

Feezell Park Building
Feezell Park Building

Mabton Food Bank - Civic Center
Mabton Food Bank - Civic Center